Aerial Nazca Lines

Aerial Nazca Lines

As we climb the altitude in our tiny single engine plane, heading toward the town of Pampas over the Nazca Desert, we come upon an incredible site. For a moment you forget that you're hundreds of yards in the air, and imagine yourself standing over a desert of stones in which lines and drawings have been inscribed. You can almost reach out and run your finger over the drawings, maybe leave a doodle yourself. And then you see the shadow of the airplane, a distant speck, and reality sets in, as you realize that these "drawings" are actually hundreds of feet across.

How were these drawings created? Why? Some scholars believe that these were drawings left by the Nazca people for the Gods. Some say that the simpler lines were made by water, and some believe that both the water and the Gods had something to do with it. The Nazca people were very dependent on rain water, and perhaps did incredible rituals and artistic feats to convince the Gods to bring rain their way. In reality, no one knows for sure what the real purpose of these incredible works was. What we do know, is that these lines were created between 200BC and 700AD, and nothing could have taken the Nazca people high enough to actually see their own creations.


In a series of prints called Head Hunter Earth Works, Frank Bunts tried to capture the awe and wonder that comes with gazing upon these magnificent creations. Using large format printing, and the naturally subdued colors of the landscape, one is transported back to that spot in the sky, perhaps reserved for Gods, and feel just how small we are.



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