Exhibitions, Collections, Publications, & Videos

One-person shows include:
Comara Gallery, L.A., 1967, 68,
Franz Bader Gallery, Washington, 1969, 73, 75,
St. John's Coll., Annapolis, Md., 1972,
Deson Zaks Gallery, Chgo., 1972,
Gallery 118, Mpls., 1974,
NAS, Washington, 1976,
Cath. U. Am., Washington, 1978,
Plum Gallery, Washington, 1979,
Flatiron Studio, NYC, 1987,
Maryanne McCarthy Fine Art, NYC, 1988-89,
Limelight Club, NYC, 1988,
Loft Lawyers, NYC, 1990, 91,
Roberta Wood Gallery, Syracuse, NY, 1993,
Effect/Cause Mail Project, 1993-95,
VIA Art Found., New York (one person exhbn.), 1999-,
Headhunter Earthworks Print edits. Via Art Found., NYC, 2007,
"Whale” “Spider” “Humming Bird” Murals, Nazca Lines, NYC, 2009; others;

Group shows:
San Francisco Mus. Art, 1965, Cleve. Mus. Art, 1961, 62, 63, 65, 66 (2), 67, 68,
Cleve. Inst. Art, 1964,
Purdue U., Lafayette, Ind., 1964-69,
El Paso Mus. Art, 1965,
Nat. Arts Club, NYC, 1965,
Wittenberg U., Springfield, Ohio, 1966,
Pacific Luth. U., Tacoma, 1966,
Scripps Coll., Clairmont, Calif., 1967,
U. Detroit, 1967,
U. Calif., Long Beach, 1967,
Palm Springs Desert Mus., Calif., 1967,
Loyola U., L.A., 1968,
Salt Lake City Art Ctr., 1968, U. NH, 1968,
Brigham Young U., Provo, Utah, 1968,
Ind. State U., Terre Haute, 1968,
Brooks Meml. Art Gallery, Memphis, 1968, 73,
Cath. U., Washington, 1969,
U. Md., 1969, 70, 72,
Traveling Show, 1975-76,
Fine Arts Gallery San Diego,1971.
Henri Gallery, Washington, 1971,
Reicher Gallery, Barat Coll., Lake Forest, III., 1972,
Corcoran Gallery Art,1972.
Va. Poly. Inst., Blacksburg, 1973,
Birmingham Mus. Art, Ala., 1973,
Indpls. Mus. Art, 1976,
Gallery K, Washington, 1978,
Studio Gallery, Washington, 1976-77,
Modern Mus. Art, Rijeka, Yugoslavia, 1978,
Baak Gallery, Cambridge, Mass., 1978, 79,
Maryanne McCarthy Fine Art, NYC, 1987, 88, 89, and Southampton, NY, 1989,
Christie's NYC Preview and Auction, 1990,
Univ. Sch., Cleve., 1990,
Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY, 1991, 92,
Lillian Heidenberg Gallery, NYC, 1991-92,
Roberta Wood Gallery, Syracuse, 1993-96,
Angel Art Pacific Design Ctr., LA, 1993,
Divine Design 95, LA, Black and Herron Gallery, NYC, 1996;
Intercomm. Ctr, Tokyo Opera City, Tokyo, Japan, 1998,
Roberta Wood Gallery, Chapel Hill, NC, 2001,
Sterling Meml. Libr. Yale U., New Haven, 2005,
Yale University, 2005, Boise Idaho Art Museum 2010.
Montgomery College Art Center, MD, 2011


Represented in collections
Mus. Art, Cleve. Mus. Art, Fine Arts Gallery, San Diego, Libr. of Congress, Corcoran Gallery Art, Washington, Cooperstown Art Assn., NY, Chinese Artists Assn., Beijing;

Artwork in the following videos:
The Man from U.N.C.L.E., episode The Pop Art Affair, 1966,
Callanetics, M.C.A., 1986,
Portrait of an Artist by Konrad Gylfason, 1986,
music video Always and Forever, Whistle CC Prodns., 1990,
documentary video San Francisco Ctr. for Visual Studies, 1990,
A Man Flies in Manhattan, 2003,
Breaking Some Eggs-A Wisconsin Breakfast, 2003;

Work reproduced in Cleve. Mus. Art. Bull., May 1962, May 1968, Md. Art Gallery Catalog, 1969, 72, Indpl. Mus. Art catalog Painting and Sculpture Today, June 1976, Internat. Exhbn. catalog Modern Mus. Art, Rijeka, Yugoslavia, 1978, The Catalog of Am. Drawings, Watercolors, Pastels and Collages Corcoran Gallery Art, Washington, 1983, NY Art Rev., 1988, Millenium Art Collection, 2002, Awakened Pyramids, 2005, Aerial Prints NAZCA Lines Rediscoverd 2007-2009 Via Art Found. Gallery, NYC, 2009. Boise Idaho Art Museum.


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